Purchasing Services International Inc.

Purchasing Services International, Inc. is one of several companies operating under the umbrella of our parent company, Procurement Services International, Inc., a Texas U.S.A. corporation founded in 1975 as Petroleum Services International, Inc. and subsequently renamed as Procurement Services International, Inc.

The company was founded by Darrell Joseph Sekin in 1975, a sister company of Darrell J. Sekin & Co., Inc., founded by Mr. Sekin in 1960. The company is owned and managed by the Sekin family members. The Sekin Family has been providing valuable professional service to international traders for well over fifty years uninterrupted, serviced tailored to the need of the customer regardless of size or experience.

The Sekin Family has been serving international traders for approximately fifty-five years. Mr. Sekin’s personal business biography may be found in a separate section this web page.

Mr. Sekin was formerly Chairman and CEO of Darrell J. Sekin & Co., Inc. . a licensed customhouse broker and one-stop global logistics provider of freight forwarding services, marine cargo insurance and claims processing, purchasing and transportation logistics, foreign trade zone services, bonded container freight station facilities, and specialized bonded warehousing. The company made its headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas with branches at Houston, Texas; Galveston, Texas, Austin, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, employing over 300 trained specialists with agents in major cities of the world. Mr. Sekin established and operated the first Foreign Trade Zone in Dallas, Texas (the first foreign trade zone permitted at an inland U.S. location) as well as the first Foreign Trade Zone in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Sekin companies have operated warehouse and transportation facilities throughout the U.S. Southwest for many years.

Purchasing Services International has established close working relationships with those firms and individuals in related industries, such a marine surveying, vessel chartering, sourcing, consulting, marine insurance, financing, transportation, warehousing, and total logistics management, and consulting. The company works closely with DJS International Services, Inc., a customs brokerage, freight forwarding, and international transportation company family owned and operated by Darrell J. Sekin, Jr., at Coppell, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Through it subsidiary entity, China America Purchasing Corporation, Purchasing Services International offers sourcing services to buyers in the United States as well as in China. The company has been operating successfully with reliable factory agents in Hangzhou , Shanghai, and Hong Kong vicinities who are mutually dedicated to the success of our clients. Mr. Sekin or company representatives travel with clients to factories at least once each year to check on quality, negotiate prices, and develop new product lines. The company is active in sourcing products for Chinese buyers and in providing a total logistics management service for such clients.

Although many of its clients deal in consumer type products, Purchasing Services International, Inc. has extensive experience in representing importers of cement, steel rebar, and related constructions materials to Texas and the U.S. Southwest through private leased facilities at the port of Houston. For example, we also work with silicon metal products, aluminum ingots, paving asphalt, grain products, and similar commodities. We assist U.S. manufactures in transferring manufacturing operations from the United States to China or elsewhere as conditions warrant. We are working in partnership with direct end users in the United States for whom we provide procurement services and management.
We trust that the information from this site will demonstrate to the viewer the total range of services that we offer international traders as well as our family dedication to providing at one location, one-stop, all of the professional services our clients may need. We provide courteous service at a competitive cost on a warehouse-to-warehouse (point-to- point) basis. We make certain that our dealings are fair and that they are mutually beneficial and profitable for all parties concerned. We remain at your side from beginning to end. We carefully monitor each detail.

Purchasing Services International, Inc. a company of INTEGRITY, HONESTY & RELIABILITY that’s small enough to care yet large enough to help. We have spent many years developing a family of industry associates committed to providing the type of service and support to our clients that is fair to all concerned and beneficial to all involved based on truth and goodwill. We take great pride in the global team we have assembled to help make international trade a successful and profitable business endeavor.

Since our business was founded at an inland point it is natural that we are concerned with all facets of shipment handling, including payment, warehousing, distribution, and special handling. It is with many years of practical experience that we elected to offer our clients the unique type of service that would cover ALL of the customers needs, regardless. Our total involvement in all aspects of the transaction is natural for us and is the foundation of our success in serving both new and long-time clients. We are familiar with every step of the supply chain and we maintain direct interface (on behalf of our client) with each responsible party involved, monitoring every action taken to insure that the transaction is handled successfully. Therefore, we are prepared to provide whatever segment of service or need (no matter how small or large) our client may assign to us. Our success can only be reflected in the success of our customer.

Contact us if you need advice or assistance with any issue relating to importing and exporting, including but not limited to the following:

(1) Sourcing products

(2) Purchasing and payment, including banking and letters of credit

(3) Transportation

(4) Distribution

(5) Cargo insurance

(6) Documentation

(7) Regulatory Compliance

(8) Packaging and labeling, bar code and RFID